The Life of An Extraordinary Poet

Anne Bradstreet


The Christian Encounters’ biography, Anne Bradstreet, chronicles her journey to the New World. The author, D. B. Kellogg, guides the reader through the life of Anne Bradstreet – the times, the people, the circumstances – all of the influences which come to shape her as a poet. Characterized as a ‘reluctant immigrant’, Anne turns to writing to express her thoughts, feelings and experiences living in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Religion played a major role in the daily life of this wife and mother. Within this context, the author creates a vivid picture of Puritan life during the Colonial times. In this biography, the author carefully sets the historical context which illustrates the significance of Anne Bradstreet’s prose. Anne’s ability to work within the societal and religious boundaries while remaining true to her own identity is truly remarkable. D.B. Kellogg writes with great detail the story of ‘a woman before her time’. This biography was well written and informative. I found that this is an excellent read worth the value to anyone who enjoys, as I do, personal accounts of American history.


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