A Timeless Treasure

Change starts in the heart of a child – this is the message that author, Andy Andrews conveys in his book, The Boy Who Changed the World.   The message that resonates throughout this work is the importance of nurturing the dreams of children.   Andy challenges the reader to consider this awesome concept – their value and the importance of their contribution –on a global scale.  The author demonstrates how the butterfly effect revolutionized the world.  Starting with three little boys – Norman, Henry and George – the author illustrates how their cumulative life experiences transformed the world.  Andy’s use of imagery – the fields of corn – challenges the reader to rise above their circumstances to achieve their destiny.  This inspiring work encourages children to strive to do what may seem to be impossible. It also reminds children that what their actions matter. When we are faced with difficult decisions, we should not allow fear to hinder us.  Children are peculiar treasures.  This is inspiring work of art!


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