Purpose By Design

The actions of the individual can change the world – this is the message that author, Andy Andrews conveys in his book, The Butterfly Effect – How You Life Matters.   The message that resonates throughout this work is the importance of a single deed or decision changes the world.   Andy Andrews challenges the reader to consider this awesome concept – their value and the importance of their contribution –on a global scale.  The Butterfly Effect is a clarion call for the world to remember we are our brother’s keeper – a community of individuals – that need to remember that each of us matter.   As unique beings, we must fulfill our purpose so that others who come behind us can thrive.  Andy’s use of imagery – the butterfly – as well as the origin of the butterfly effect, challenges the reader to rise above their circumstances to achieve their destiny.  When we are faced with difficult decisions, we should not allow fear to hinder us.  Andy Andrews demonstrates how one man – Joshua Chamberlain – used wisdom and embraced courage which transformed the lives of millions who came after him. The author reminds us that we are peculiar treasures.  Our cumulative experiences woven together create a beautiful tapestry. This story is inspiring!


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