Maximize Your Household Budget

When I received Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half, I was eager to see how America’s Cheapest Family found success in managing their resources and maximized their budget.  The authors: Steve and Annette Economides provide insight into what tips tricks and discoveries worked for them.   

The book is adapted to let the reader decide what approach will work for their current income and family size.   From the beginning, the authors encourage the reader to be adventurous – explore the possibilities of saving money and time by reducing your grocery bill.  Steve and Annette words are encouraging and seasoned with experience.  Anyone can provide an idea, but the Economides’ style is warm and inviting. 

The pace of the book allows for the reader to customize the solutions to their current situation.  Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half is a comprehensive resource and a value to those would want to change or improve the way the handle their resources, eat healthier and love to get value for their money.  Best of all, it is well worth the investment!


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