The Grace of God: A Love Story

The Grace of God by Andy Stanley tells a compelling story about God’s relationship with man.  Stanley uses a contemporary style to convey recorded Biblical events into relatable experiences of our current times.  The central message is: God’s grace cannot be earned but only given as a gift to humanity. 

Andy Stanley carefully takes the reader on a journey through the Old and New Testament scriptures illustrating how God’s grace through His love is the motivation in every detail and action that was designed to designed to redeem and reconcile man back to God.  Grace is:, why Abraham was chosen to become a covenant people, why Israel a chosen nation, and  why Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice.

The Grace of God is an eye-opening, life-changing work.  It will turn everything you understand about God’s grace on its ear and usher you into a new understanding and freedom of being in relationship with a loving God.  This book will change you.  A must read!


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